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  • Branded Pages with your logo, event 

  • Flexible game times - 20, 30, 60 min

  • Challenging and thought provoking

  • Live host for game brief and debrief

Our virtual escape experiences are fully customizable for your event.  Whether it's an ice breaker, onboarding event or simple fun, our virtual escape room is a fun way to get everyone engaged while leaving a lasting impact.

Virtual escape rooms can handle thousands of people at one time, making it a perfect fit for a large conference or meeting.  It's also perfect for small teams.  Each event will have its own branded login and welcome page, and, participants will be able to play across all timezones at the same time.  100% online, with no downloads required.  Compatible with any virtual  conferencing platform.


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  • Arriving December 2020!

  • 4-30 participants per session

  • Easy gift giving

  • No gift wrap necessary!

Whether it's the holidays, a company party, or just some midweek fun, a White Elephant gift exchange may be your perfect add-on to your day.  

White Elephant is simple to set up online and usually takes less than 30 minutes to play and exchange gifts.  A host can set up their exchange, add participants and set parameters for gifts such as price, theme, etc.  Once the exchange is set up, participants will find and choose gifts from a vendor.  Once chosen, they will play a fun game where the gifts are unwrapped virtually and participants can either keep, steal or pass on a gift.  This gets very competitive and fun in a short amount of time!

Lastly, when the White Elephant game is finished, each participant will simply ship their chosen gift to the receiving party.  

Trivia Online

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  • Engages all participants

  • Unique set of questions

  • Can use logic to arrive at answers

  • Perfect for small and large groups

Need to engage a remote team? Tired of the standard virtual happy hour? Break the monotony with Boardroom Breakout’s virtual trivia happy hours and virtual corporate events. Perfectly designed for Zoom, Microsoft Teams & WebEx or any collaboration platforms.


Boardroom Breakout’s virtual trivia brings the “happy” back to happy hour and corporate team building. Each event is hosted by a live, experienced host and scored in real time. What makes us different from other trivia games are open-ended questions that require reasoning, not just memory.


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  • Hosted by a live Chef with Q&A

  • Streamed from full commercial kitchen

  • Dinner or lunch for two servings

  • Uses easily procured ingredients

Learn from the best. Be your best, Food Network’s Iron Chef alum takes everything he knows and brings it to your kitchen, virtually.

In this private cooking class, your team will learn the basics to hone your skills the same way he did, watching and doing it yourself. From preparing ingredients for execution and learning what flavors complement each other to practicing proper cooking techniques, this class will leave you confident and ready to conquer your own kitchen.

This activity connects your team in a new and unique way.


Wine Deliveries
  • Texas and USA-made wines

  • Company branded bottles available

  • Sessions completed within 1 hour

  • 21 and over only

The absolute best way to learn about and enjoy wine is to taste it—so we encourage you to gather colleagues and open up your senses and taste buds.


In this activity you’ll receive bottles wrapped to conceal their identities. Once your group is assembled via Zoom, WebEx or any other video conference platform, a personable and knowledgeable host will guide your team through blind tasting,  provide an overview of Varietals and Regions, Tips and Tricks,  and the  tasting "Grid," giving you the necessary structure to deductively taste wine and recognize unique characteristics linked to specific varietals and regions. Our Sommeliers have been tested on this very same grid and now it’s your turn. 


Cocktail Making
  • Live mixologist with Q&A session

  • Bartender kits sent to participants

  • Alcohol delivery can be arranged

  • 21 and over only

Enjoy a beverage with style in the comfort of your own home with our certified and renowned mixologist.  

In our virtual mixology sessions, we can send participants bartender kits where they can follow along and make the perfect drink while learning about the history and manufacturing process of the selected liquor of choice.  


In some states, we can arrange alcohol delivery through local and licensed partners.   



Participate in a fun and interactive virtual beer tasting class where your team will learn about beer and history in a safe, engaging way! Learn about the basics of beer, including different beer styles and what drives flavor in beer. Taste the wonderful variety of flavors found in beer. Discover beer history (particularly related to brewing).


The session is led by a professional Cicerone who has completed hundreds of classes. The Cicerone will answer your questions in real time and will interact with the entire group. The session also includes a quiz and other interactive elements. Beer is not generally included, however, can be arranged (and shipped) for a fee when possible.

  • Live Q&A with Master Brewer

  • Craft & seasonal brews available

  • Beer delivery can be arranged

  • 21 and over only