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Boardroom Breakout


Our team has leveraged years of escape room experience, gameplay data, behavioral patterns, and customer feedback to successfully design the ultimate on-site and virtual corporate team building experience, Boardroom Breakout™ – the world’s first corporate race game (CRG).

In addition to the CRG, we have also added a fun and exciting lineup of virtual team event offerings including a cooking class, craft beer tasting, mixology and more. 

We work with corporate clients, meeting planners, DMCs, and leadership professionals across the globe. 

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Live experience

Boardroom Breakout Live comes to your office, conference, or hotel banquet hall with carefully crafted team building modules for 65 minutes of live fun.

A host from our company will kick things off at your event.  This is followed by a challenging yet rewarding experience consisting of puzzles, and brain games that follow storyline with an ultimate goal. 

The game culminates with each team making a final decision. Teams that make the correct decision in the fastest time wins the challenge. 

Duration: 65 minutes + 10 min brief/debrief

Team Size: 6-10 per team

Total Capacity: Up to 1,000 players

Skills Tested: 

- Organization

- Communication

- Creative Thinking

- Paying attention to detail

virtual experience

Boardroom Breakout Online is a 100% online team building experience.

Due to the pandemic, working from home has created a whole host of issues with communication and organization. 

Our virtual game requires no download and will help participants understand how to work together in a virtual environment. 

Whether it's for fun, on-boarding, networking, training or large online conferences, Boardroom Breakout Online is the perfect fit for any corporate team in a virtual setting.

Duration: 15, 20, 30, 60 minute options available + 10 min brief/debrief

Team Size: 4-8 per team

Total Capacity: Unlimited

Skills Tested: 

- Managing Time

- Communication and Organization

- Collaboration

- Delegating tasks

Live event Preview

virtual event preview

Gallery Of Events

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