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Live events are back!

Teams work together to solve immersive puzzles, challenges, and critical-thinking tasks to complete their mission before the timer hits zero. All teams compete against each other at the same time, with one team to be crowned the winner.  Perfect for groups up from 20-1,000+.   

Team Trivia is a fast-paced competition that usually turns into a lively battle of intellect where accuracy, speed, and strategy are rewarded. After each question is answered, a live leaderboard shows where each team ranks. As everyone will know exactly where their team stands, friendly banter is common and the session is remarkably engaging.

Our Flip Cup Tournament is the most high-energy experience we offer!  Although this activity may seem simple, it is quickly becoming one of our most popular offerings.  Indoors or outdoors, this activity is instantly engaging and can be played with water or any beverage of your choice.  Our staff of "referees" offer support, encouragement, and energy to create an unforgettable atmosphere for all.

Individuals or teams hunt for QR codes placed around the venue.  Each QR code presents a challenge or riddle that provides points if answered successfully.  Challenges can be customized to include client-specific content. Perfect for large gatherings with space and flow considerations.

We make corporate social responsibility events fun by combining the assembly of custom care packages with an exciting team competition, Breakout Race™, that challenges even the brightest teams.​ ​ For small events, or conferences with over 1,000 attendees, this activity fits into virtually any CSR program regardless of session duration or location.

We have a host of games that are perfect for company retreats and conferences.  These include:

  • Bunk Assignments

  • Dodgeball

  • Flip Cup Tournament

  • Follow the Leader

  • Tallest Tower

  • Tug of War

     ...and more!

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We love creating custom experiences!

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