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Team Building With A Purpose


Crafting Charitable
Experiences You'll Remember

We make corporate social responsibility events fun by combining the assembly of custom care packages with an exciting team competition, Breakout Race, that challenges even the brightest teams.

For small events, or conferences with over 1,000 attendees, this activity fits into virtually any CSR program regardless of session duration or location. Playing in groups of 5-10 people, each team will race to unlock the contents within their game modules by solving engaging challenges and brain games. Some puzzles will open a lock in their game module. Others will reveal items to be included within their care package.

The team that first completes their game module, and assembles the care package wins the competition.








In light of recent events in Ukraine, we have partnered with Meest, a global logistics and shipping company, to provide humanitarian aid to the people affected by this tragedy.  With the Ukrainian mail system in chaos, Meest has gracefully solved the challenge of ensuring these shipments reach their final destination.

The following organizations are a few of dozens

who will receive these charitable donations:


Dnipro's Children’s Hospital <

Rivne Regional Hospital <

Lviv Humanitarian Aid HQ <

Ministry of Health <

Razom for Ukraine <

Currently, medical supplies for healthcare institutions and professionals are in highest demand, thus our care packages contain these supplies.


Rest assured, this is not our first rodeo.  We have hosted events

for some of the best companies in the world.


Game Module

Sending Care To Ukraine With

>  Acetaminophen

>  Adhesive Bandages 

>  Antibacterial Ointment

>  Antiseptic Wipes

>  Aspirin

>  Hydrocortisone Cream

>  Ibuprofen

>  Nitrile Gloves

Petroleum Jelly

>  Rolled Gauze

>  Saline Eye Drops

>  Tongue Depressors

>  Trauma Shears

>  Tweezers

>  ....and more!

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