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Puzzle answers



  1. Which of the following is one of ABB’s predecessor companies?    

       Answer: Brown Boveri


   2. The truck below is located in which numbered spot?     

      Answer: 90





    1. APC is a division of what company?    

       Answer: Schneider Electric


    2. The image was created by?    

       Answer: Edvard Munch





    1. True or False: Appleton group is a global manufacturer of hazardous location switchgear, LED           lighting and industrial power     

        Answer: True


    2. Fill in the blank:  H LI B N NA _________    

        Answer: AL, Aluminum - it’s the 13th element - Prime numbers: H(1), LI(3), B(5), N(7), NA(11)





     1. Which of the following cities is home to Axis Communications Headquarters?   

         Answer: Lund, Sweden


     2. What is the area of the red section below?

         Answer: 21.46





     1.  Over the last 100 years, Belden has transformed itself into a signal transmission solutions              provider with the industry’s most complete suite of end-to-end networking solutions. What              kind of company did Belden start out as when it was originally founded in 1902?

          Answer: A cable company

     2.  What country is this?

          Answer: South Africa





      1. True or False: Brady’s company culture supports customers with complete identification                  solutions that help companies improve productivity, performance, safety, and security.

          Answer: True


      2. Gear 4 turns at a rate that is _____?     

          Answer: The same as Gear 1





      1. What year was CommScope founded?

          Answer: 1976


      2. How many floors are there below Rachel?     

          Answer: 4 (Rachel is on the top floor)


Cooper Lighting Solutions


       1. Which of the following product categories does Cooper Lighting Solutions offer?

           Answer: All of the above (Indoor & outdoor lighting, lighting controls, smart lighting                           systems)


       2. What one-word is this?

           Answer: Quantity




       1. What year was Corning founded?

           Answer: 1851


       2. What country is this?     

           Answer: Greece




       1. Eaton is an intelligent Audio/Visual company dedicated to improving the quality of life and               protecting the environment for people everywhere.

          Answer: False - Eaton is an intelligent power management company.


       2. What city is this?    

           Answer: Surat (it’s the second most populous city in the western most province, Gujarat)



GE Current


       1. What partner incorporates Thomas Edison’s legacy into their business?   

           Answer: Current


       2. How many squares can be found in the shape below?

           Answer: 11





       1. What year was GreenLee founded?

           Answer: 1862


       2. Who was the first artist to have both the #1 album & the #1 movie in the same year?

           Answer: Jennifer Lopez = JLo & The Wedding Planner (2001)





       1. Hanwha Techwin is part of Hanwha Group, a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest                 conglomerates in which country?

           Answer: South Korea


       2. Which company does not belong?

           Answer: Microsoft (because it is the only one that does not start with the letter “A”)





       1. True or False: Hubbell has been energizing ideas through reliable, high quality products for             over 130 years     

           Answer: True


       2. Which one below does not belong?

           Answer: 3 - Expedia (the other logos belong to airlines)





       1. Which of the following is NOT a Legrand brand?    

           Answer: Initech


       2. Which actor/actress has won the most Academy Awards in a leading or supporting acting               role??

          Answer: Katharine Hepburn (4 awards)



       1. True or False:  Leviton is a family-owned business, headquartered in New York    

           Answer: True


       2. Which one below does not belong?

           Answer: Bentley (because it is not currently an F1 racing team)





       1. True or False: Since its inception in 1940, Milwaukee Tool has led the industry in developing             innovative solutions that deliver increased productivity.     

           Answer: False - Milwaukee Tool was established in 1924


       2. What one word is this??

           Answer: Cambodia





       1. Headquartered in Tinley Park, IL, Panduit operates in how many global locations?     

           Answer: 112


       2. Fill in the blank.

           Answer: CDG (it is the only answer choice that is also a capital city)



Prysmian Group


      1. The Prysmian Group is a world leader in what industry?   

          Answer: Energy & Telecom Cable Systems


      2. What one word is this?

          Answer: Olympics





      1.  Where is TPI Corporation Located?     

           Answer: Johnson City, TN


      2.  This actor has played the role of James Bond in more movies than anyone else?

           Answer: Sean Connery (played Bond 7 times)



Tripp Lite


       1. True or False: Tripp Lite is now a part of Eaton Corporation

      Answer: True


       2. Many car companies feature horses in their logos.  The horse seen here belongs to?

      Answer: Porsche

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