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We are a fun-distribution company. That may seem a little vague, but it’s far more accurate than a long list of boring descriptors. We produce Boardroom Breakout, a collaborative explosion of creativity, competition, and teamwork fueled by a group of amazing motivators, business leaders, and game designers. We use the word “fun” a lot, because we believe if team building isn’t enjoyable, it’s simply not impactful.






We believe that challenging tasks combined with unexpected role reversals, under-the-gun critical thinking, rapid iterations and creative use of competition can make team building more impactful and crucial concepts more enduring. Our mission is to bring hidden potential to life and spark high-performing teams.






Our company’s name, Boardroom Breakout, stems from our founding team of MBAs who did just that. Our trio of former BCG consultants left the world of corporate strategy to conquer the frontier of modern corporate team building.


Since 2016, we designed and operated the highest rated escape room in Dallas-Fort Worth according to Yelp. During that time, while hosting well over 1,000 corporate teams, we witnessed the re-energizing effect our experience had on company communication, morale, camaraderie, and fellowship.


In 2019, we launched Boardroom Breakout to bring our unique experience to clients at conventions, regional meetings, corporate offices, conference rooms, hotel banquet halls and anywhere businesses bring their teams together.

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, our team developed a virtual offering for team building.  You can now participate in Boardroom Breakout's award-winning activity completely online across multiple locations.  No downloads required.



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